netiquetteBits and Bytes on Netiquette for Online Branch Members

As you interact with other branch members on the branch mail lists, keep in mind some of our unique branch’s netiquette…

  1. When you send an email to a mail list address, this message is sent to the entire group.
  2. When you reply to a mail list message, your email is automatically sent to everyone on the list, not just the original sender.  (Exception:  the main branch mail list is set so replies only go to the sender, since it is primarily used for monthly News Notes and announcing upcoming branch programs on the opt-in program mail list.)  So, if you’d like to send a reply or new message to only one or two people, please do not use the mail list address but instead email them directly.
    • HELPFUL HINT #1:  Pay close attention to the “TO:” and “FROM:” lines in email addresses before hitting the SEND key!
    • HELPFUL HINT #2:  To reply to an individual from a mail list email First hit “reply”, Next delete the mail list address in the new TO: line, Then enter the individual’s email address in the now empty TO: line.
  3. It is considered polite to retain a small part of previous messages when using “REPLY” so that we all can see the context of the reply (especially when there are many emails on various topics).  However, it is considerate to delete the long trails of previous messages, so that your reply isn’t followed by an endless scrolling list of previous messages.
  4. No matter how compelling the issue seems, do not forward emails that ask to be forwarded to everyone you know.  If you have information related to AAUW’s mission you want to share, please contact a branch officer to get assistance in posting it as a short article on the branch blog.
  5. Sign any message you send to the mail list with your full name and, when applicable, your branch officer title (your email address alone in the FROM line will not always make it obvious to everyone receiving the message who you are, and there may be others in the branch with the same first name!).
  6. All exchanges on the branch mail list must be relevant to issues that unite us as AAUW members.  Inappropriate exchanges will be questioned, and the senders removed from the mail list if they don’t abide by these guidelines.
  7. Do not use attachments in mail list messages.  It will lessen the probability of virus problems, and our mail lists have a size limit.
  8. If you are going to be away, using a vacation auto-response isn’t a good idea unless you first ask our branch mail list administrator to temporarily unsubscribe you from the mail list. (But doing so means you miss all discussion and information shared while you are away).
  9. If you inadvertently “break” any of these netiquette rules, don’t beat yourself up about it!  Even those of us who have been doing this a while goof from time to time.  So we all agree to be patient and forgiving of each other as we learn how to best communicate with each other.
  10. Please check the Wikipedia article on netiquette, a guide on appropriate ways to participate in mail list discussions.  It also contains some good tips that will prevent unintended misunderstandings.