netiquetteBits and Bytes on Netiquette for
California Online Branch Members

The AAUW California Online Branch is an online entity. These are helpful suggestions to ensure that members’ participation and experience is enjoyed by all.

  1. In the interests of civil discourse, avoid ALL CAPS (considered shouting) and remember that tone is often difficult to discern in written emails. Before you reply, THINK.
    T – is it True?
    H – is it Helpful?
    I – is it Inspiring?
    N – is it Necessary?
    K – is it Kind?
  2. When replying to the program email list, the reply will be sent to everyone on the list.   If the reply is meant for one individual, send that message directly to that member’s email.
    • HELPFUL HINT #1:  Pay attention to the “TO” and “FROM” lines in email addresses before hitting the SEND key.
    • HELPFUL HINT #2:  To send a message to an individual use FORWARD instead of REPLY.
  3. If replying to a program email list, please provide full name on the signature line.
  4. It is considered polite to retain at least a part of previous messages when using “REPLY” so that we all can see the context of the reply.  However, it is helpful to delete the oldest messages of long threads, so that a reply doesn’t include an endless scrolling list of previous messages.
  5. In large group discussions, avoid responding with “I agree” messages and instead try to add rationale or information that can further the discussion.
  6. In a discussion with multiple topic threads, check the SUBJECT line. As a topic changes, so should the subject line. Replies should go to the applicable subject thread.
  7. Exchanges on all email lists should be relevant to the topic under discussion and issues that unite AAUW members.  Inappropriate exchanges will be questioned, and the senders removed from the email list.
  8. To unsubscribe from a program email list discussion, use the link at the end of any message, or contact the email list administrator. If a branch member opts out of a program, the member will need to remember to opt back in for future program discussions.
  9. Share the URL of sources that might help the discussion. Attachments are too cumbersome to read in a discussion.
  10. Check the Wikipedia article on netiquette, a guide on appropriate ways to participate in email list discussions.  It also contains some good tips that will prevent unintended misunderstandings.