The California Online Branch is a branch of the American Association of University Women that began in 2001 as an experiment in establishing a “virtual” community. As with all AAUW branches, we are dedicated to promoting AAUW’s mission to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

For the first few years of the branch’s life, we held our meetings and conducted business in chat-room meetings, but in the Spring of 2005 shifted towards holding discussions through email lists instead, allowing busy people to choose the time that best suits them to read and respond to emails.

Although we are technically a “California” branch of AAUW, a number of our members are from other states as well. The beauty of an online environment is the absence of geographical barriers in defining membership.

So we welcome anyone with an associate, equivalent or higher degree (minimum membership requirement of AAUW) who is interested in discussing AAUW policy issues, participating in action projects to further AAUW’s mission goals, and getting to know a diverse group of people from across the state and country.

View a historic list of branch officers.