Last Amended by Branch Vote:  June 20, 2009

Standing rules are those which directly affect members of the branch. They should be reviewed biennially in the autumn of even-numbered years by a committee of board members appointed by the president and chaired by the parliamentarian/bylaws chair. Standing rules can be amended by a majority vote at a branch meeting if previous notice has been given or by a two-thirds vote if no notice has been given. Standing rules will be posted on the branch website. Other standing rules may be added as needed.

Branch Email List
1.  All branch members whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year are automatically subscribed to the branch email list, unless specifically requesting to be unsubscribed.  At the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1), members who have not paid their dues shall be removed from the email list.

2.  Members are to refrain from using vacation or auto-reply features on their email accounts while subscribed to email lists. Members may request to be temporarily unsubscribed from the email list.

3.  The purposes of email list messages are to conduct branch business, engage in discussion of AAUW issues or propose and conduct branch projects that further AAUW’s mission.

4.  No email messages shall be forwarded to the branch email list unless directly related to AAUW business and mission.

5.  No attachments shall be used in email list messages to avoid virus problems.

6.  Members who do not follow established email list netiquette will receive one warning from a email list moderator/administrator.  If the member then continues to use a branch or board email list inappropriately, s/he will be removed from the email list.

1. Board members are subscribed to a board email list, and board business is primarily conducted on this board email list, unless the president calls for scheduled chat room or conference call meetings.  All board business is open to branch members. Branch members may participate in board discussions by requesting to be subscribed to the board email list.  The president will issue quarterly invitations on the branch email list to remind members of this option.

2.  Should a chat-room meeting be called, the following rules apply:

2a.  Members must sign in before entering the chat room, using their full names.

2b.  Members must observe etiquette while in the chat room. During a discussion, unless a member is specifically addressed by name s/he may not make a second comment until all members currently on line have had a chance to comment.

2c.  A member who signs in 10 or more minutes late to a chat room meeting will not be acknowledged, but may participate.

2d.  Chat room meetings are usually open to the public, but the board may vote to restrict any meeting to members only.

3.  When neither email list discussion nor chat room meetings will allow for the work of the branch to be completed, the president is authorized to call a conference call meeting, provided that s/he first posts a notice of this meeting, including date/time/agenda, on the branch email list at least five (5) days in advance.

4.  In the case of a scheduled chat room or conference call meeting, or any in-person gathering, it is the policy of the branch to avoid meeting on major holidays of religious or ethnic communities. A member wishing to notify the branch of a particular holiday should contact the president.

1.  Whether conducting branch general business or board business, the president (or a person designated by the president) shall provide specified deadlines for discussion of any action item before calling for a vote.

2.  At the end of the prescribed discussion period, the president shall call for a vote specifying the deadline for the voting period, which shall not be less than four (4) days from the time of the call of the vote.

3.  For general branch business, the communications chair shall create a voting page in the “Members Only” section of the branch website, where branch members may cast their votes anonymously, but in a secure environment that prevents any individual from casting a vote more than once.

1.  Prospective members who are eligible to join may attend up to two (2) weeks of email list discussion (branch or interest group email list) or one chat room meeting in any one year before being asked to join.

2.  Members must pay dues before June 30 to be kept on the branch email list and allowed access to the membership directory.  If dues are not paid online using PayPal, checks must be made payable to the CA Online Branch and sent to the treasurer.

Branch Directory
The branch directory is for the use of the members only. It shall not be given to any person or organization outside of AAUW.

Fund Raising
The branch will neither raise funds for nor donate to any organization outside of AAUW unless by express permission of the board.