New Members – Joining is easy.  Use our Membership Form to pay by check.
Electronic payments are also welcome:

  • New to AAUW?  Contact us for instructions on how to join.
  • Already a member of AAUW but want to add membership to the CA Online Branch? Go to the AAUW website, login to your account, click on My Affiliations in the left column under Personal Snapshot, and click on the ADD AFFILIATION button. Enter California Online Branch in the  Account Name field. It will bring up the result of CA-0199 California Online Branch, which you may then add as a new affiliation. Welcome!

Membership year runs from July 1 to June 30, but new members may join at any time.
When new members join the branch between March 15-June 30, their membership expires June 30 of the following year.

Renewing members can pay dues on AAUW’s website. Login to your account, scroll down to the Membership section of your profile, and click on RENEW.

As a member of the CA Online Branch of AAUW, you will also be a member of the National (AAUW) and State (AAUW CA) organizations.

If you have already paid national and state (CA) dues through another branch, you need only pay branch dues to become a dual member.