AAUW Fund Facts

    • The AAUW Fund helps translate mission into action.
    • The AAUW Fund has been named one of the best independent charities in America.
    • The AAUW Fund remains the largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women.

AAUW CA members and branches generously donated $500,771.80 to AAUW Fund in 2019.

AAUW awarded $3.5 million in fellowships and grants to more than 200 outstanding women and community projects in the 2020-21 academic year.

For 2020-21, there are 13 AAUW Fund Fellowship and Grant recipients studying in California colleges and universities or doing projects in our communities. They represent a broad and diverse range of studies and interests and are an excellent example of the wonderful use of branch and member donations.

Members have opportunities to meet and hear some of these recipients speak about their studies or projects by attending AAUW Fund Luncheons held at several locations in California during the fall each year.**

**NOTE:  During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on gatherings, AAUW Fund Luncheons will not be held.